Intelligent | Convenient

Charging and replacing in one, unique domestic software and hardware combined strength enterprises, solving problems of electric vehicle battery replacement

Powerful management

Operation management, equipment management, information management, user management, report management, lease management

Battery swap within 3 seconds

Intelligent identify battery, scan QR to swap battery

Efficient operation

Charge and replace in one, efficient operation

Big Data

Background monitoring, big data security processing, visual big data monitoring capability

Plenty security protection

Leakage protection, instant-on protection, overload, lightning protection, high and low temperature and BMS protection

Unified management platform

Vehicle, battery, C-terminal, third-party integrated management platform

Network security

Low-power wide-area intelligent IoT technology

Function guarantee

Deep learning charging algorithm

Product Description

Battery swap station “HuandianDajunma” is an intelligent charging and swapping platform, which solves the high-density battery-swapping demands of the same city distribution, the high-power charging safety, the centralized charging risk of lithium battery, the difficulty of supervision of the distribution enterprise,.It applied with the Internet of Things, the safe intelligent charging technology, the depth detection algorithm, GPS and other technologies, integrated the management of electric light vehicles, batteries, operators and riders.

Intelligent Battery Swap Station for E-bike

1. Enterprise was jointly initiated by Zhejiang “Thousand Talents Program” special experts with big data analysis, software hardware development, production and national service. It is also the only enterprise in the industry that uses big data deep detection algorithm technology to protect the safe charging.

2. Battery swap within seconds, long-lasting battery life, charge and swap in one, replace a battery with one-button, power assist in cabin design,labor-saving, active monitoring, fully supervision of charging safety, big data battery intelligent decision.

3. Efficient and safe, reliable charging, instant-on protection, charging overload protection, lightning protection, leakage protection, high temperature warning, smoke protection, high power protection, self-stop upon fully charge, battery failure analysis and early warning.

Swap in 3 seconds, long lasting battery life

1. Charge and swap in one, replace one's own battery with one button

2. Power assist design inside the cabin, effort saving

3. Active monitoring of the entire process of charging safety

4. Big data intelligent decision on battery.

Efficient and safe Charging without worry

1. Instant-on protection, charging overload protection, lightning protection

2. Leakage protection, high temperature warning, smoke protection

3. High power protection, self-stop upon charging full, battery failure analysis and early warning

Easy convenient user-friendly

1. QR scan to swap directly, efficient operation.

2. Ergonomic, easy to move.

3. Limit insertion, no exposed line.

4. Circulating cooling, safe charging.

5. Background monitoring, track display.

Good Helper For Electric Bicycle Battery Intelligent Swapping

Multiple intelligent features make operation and security much easier and better user experience

  • App online to search the battery station nearby

    Look for a nearby power cabinet once power insufficient on app

    Navigate with one button.

  • Real-time detection of battery status

    Battery status and data readable

    Warning on dangerous batteries

  • Multiple combination modes

    Multi-door combination, can be expanded according to battery amount

    Can be customized according to customers’ demands

  • Unique ID identification

    Identification battery ID intelligently

    Confirm identity to remove the battery from cabin

  • Safe changing and swapping

    Control the temperature of the cabinet to avoid the danger during charging

    Real-time monitoring cabinet charging operation, fault response

  • High extendibility of platform functions

    Provide network deployment support for software updates and revisions

    Managers could manage the battery in cabinet according to their identity

Profit models

Multiple profit models, making it easy to generate income for you

Profit of price difference

Earnings of the swap price deducted the cost of electricity.

Agents operation

Become a local operation agent

Advertisement Income

Commercial ads on the cabinet, increase revenue.


As to fit the theme of safe charging, our battery swap station take the advantages of software and hardware to display the relevant charging abnormal data, which could also be connected to the fire supervision platform, the safety supervision platform, the community Internet of Things platform, and the comprehensive management platform.

High temperature alarm

Self-stop upon fully charged

Real-time networking

Leakage Protection

Short circuit protection

AC lightning protection

Over voltage and over current protection

Power monitoring

0 current upon idle loading

Overload protection

Smoke alarm

Cut-off upon idle loading

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