Smart Community - Express Cabinet Solutions

Provide a series of express cabinet software and hardware facilities for enterprises, as well as perfect solutions.

Yusong strength

Zhejiang Yusong Technology Co., Ltd. is an intelligent hardware solution provider based on big data applications. From electronic hardware manufacturing to IoT intelligent hardware developer, it is an Internet of Things technology company with intelligent hardware manufacturing and cloud big data services.

Production inspection

Imported CNC machine tools can implement the production and processing of sheet metal parts with high precision of up to 0.1mm.

Imported digital bending equipment for continuous high-complexity and high-precision shape structure processing.

Automated assembly line to achieve self-production express cabinet capacity of 50,000 units per year.

A full set of imported experimental equipment, complete compatibility experiment from high temperature, low temperature to EMC electromagnetic.

Product solution

32” screen main cabinet (1 main 2 sub) / 17” screen main cabinet (1 main 2 sub)

7” screen main cabinet / direct supply cabinet products (1 main 4 sub)

Express cabinet management background

The one-stop express cabinet management background, more intuitive view of the express status, greatly improve the community security, orderly management, owner convenience and privacy protection, greatly saving the courier's time.