What can a battery swap station do for take-away delivery?


For distribution and take-out industry, express delivery, etc., they need to race against time to arrive at the destination within the standard time, delivery time requirements are quite demanding. For example, if you are late, one-third of a single shipping cost would be deducted ; if complained by clients, the order payment would be upside down. So the long-lasting life of the riding tools is one of the key factors of efficiently distribution.


The delivery rider of Meituan, Eleme distribution usually riding electric bicycles. Generally, one rider need 2-3 e-bike, and the express delivery rider one three wheeled electric bicycle. The delivery range is about 5 kilometers, The battery life of the riding tool also determines the quality of the completion of an order for the takeaway brother.


What can battery swap station provide for take-away delivery?


1. Solve the difficulty of high-density power-changing demand, high-power safe charging and distribution enterprise supervision in the same city distribution. The current advanced functions are often composed of user terminals, equipment terminals and charging supervision platforms, which integrated electric vehicles, batteries, operators and riders.

2. Battery Swap Within Seconds


Exchange the battery in seconds, no need to wait, visual dynamic charging progress is displayed, remotely make an appointment to change the power in advance, book the battery, and solve the problem of courier riders delayed delivery due to insufficient battery.


3. Reduce customer complaint rate


The delivery efficiency of the distribution is improved, the customer complaint rate and the return rate are reduced, which improves the reputation of the distribution company.


4. Safe charging


At present, the problem of charging electric vehicles has become a social topic. The Ministry of Public Security has clearly issued relevant policies to regulate charging behavior. At present, power exchange cabinets such as Huandian Dajunma have been able to manage charging orders on smart detection platforms. For the express delivery industry with large-density charging demand, the safety hazard cannot be ignored.




With the Internet, networking, big data technology development and application, take-away delivery transportation endurance issues are constantly optimized, efficiency, safety, endurance, management can all be integrated by our intelligent charging swapping cabinet.