The ways to build a smart community


With the development of the Internet age and the changes in people's living habits, especially with the current boom of artificial intelligence, the traditional community management model has not kept up with people's needs, so the management of smart communities has become more important. The smart community's overall solution is the key to solving problems for the community and the service providers.


So what are the ways to build a smart community?


Smart community:


Wisdom community refers to the full use of the Internet, the Internet of Things, involving intelligent buildings, smart homes and many other fields. The smart community is a new concept of community management. It is a new mode of social management innovation under the new situation. The smart community makes full use of the Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and other integrated applications to provide a safe, comfortable and convenient modernization for the community. A smart living environment, thus forming a new community based on information, intelligent social management and services. Yusong Super App makes life easier for community residents.


Smart Property Management:


This is aimed at the characteristics of smart communities, integrated property management related systems, such as yard management, closed-circuit monitoring management, access control systems, elevator management, electric vehicle charging management, remote management, integration of various scattered systems, centralized operation and management. The No. 1 community has also created a special property back-end for the property, and there are professionals to answer questions. At present, Yusong Technology provides you with face recognition barriers, access control, visitor access, smart cabinets, smart charging piles to assist the property management community.


E-commerce services:


Community e-commerce services refer to consumer online shopping, online transactions between merchants, online e-commerce, and business activities in professional services within the community. Allowing community residents to complete their purchases without leaving their homes.


Smart home:


Smart home is a residential platform that combines architecture, network communication, and home appliances to create a more convenient, safer, and more efficient living environment for users. The newly launched smart home platform of the No. 1 community is compatible with many technical protocols such as WIFI, ZigBee and Z-Wave. The platform includes seven systems and supporting products such as intelligent lighting, smart doors and windows, and intelligent audio and video. Thereby creating a more realistic, safer and more energy-efficient home living environment.


In the era of big data, the smart community is an inevitable development trend. Yusong Technology has a complete community operation solution. All software and hardware are independently researched and developed. According to the community situation, we can provide a complete set of solutions to help the community complete the transformation. Community service is more intimate.