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Yusong Artificial Intelligence Platform (recruiting partners)

Smart Community Solutions (Smart Cabinet, Charging Pile, Community Face Recognition Gate Access, Access Control)

If you are an industry-related person, local real estate, property, government, etc. need related face recognition related products.

Welcome to cooperate with us!

We can provide planning, operational platforms, apps, smart hardware and operational solutions for smart community operations.

To provide you with community face recognition solutions, hotel industry visitor recognition; face recognition barriers and access control (new and retrofit); algorithm company OEM / ODM and other face recognition applications.

Welcome to contact us!

Mr Feng:+86 13989805606

Mr Chen:+86 18668229226

Yusong Artificial Intelligence Platform (recruiting partners)

If you are a supplier, service provider, network operator and other related companies offer related services for enterprises)

Welcome to cooperate with us!

We provide enterprise WeChat mobile office system (face attendance, project management, customer management, conference, express, vehicle and other more than 20 functional modules) equipped with Yusong hardware to create a new mobile office experience for enterprises.

Mr Feng: 13989805606

Mr Chen: 18668229226

Charging "Xiaobanma" Recruiting (city partner)

Thousands of billions of market erupts, policy fitting, mandatory installations, high profits, low investment, long-term return of short-term and fast-consumption projects, welcome to join us if you have government resources like fire department, public security, property,etc.

Welcome to cooperate with us!

(Business Cooperation) Jiaxu Liu : +86 17757145233