Gate Recognition | Function Preview

Perfectly compatible with most gate systems, full-motion dynamic face monitoring, without missing any details, accurate exactly.

2-in-1 card reader

Integrated a new generation 2-in-1 card reader and QR code scanning module组

1:1/1: N verification

Support face recognition 1:1/1:N verification

IC/ID card

IC/ID card and QR code recognition function

Face anti-counterfeiting function

Wide Dynamic Binocular Camera Combines Advanced Algorithms to Implement Face Anti-Counterfeiting

Two-way identification

Non-inductive efficient two-way identification

Radiation sensor

Adopt ≥24 pairs infrared radiation sensor

Anti-tailing function

Real-time monitoring the pass-through gate for anti-tailing

Smart light filling

fill light Intelligently, anti-shock, anti-pinch

Product Description

Face recognition, card-swiping get through, local recognition, wide dynamic camera, intelligent fill light, anti-shock and anti-pinch, suitable for retrofit of old gates, single, multi-channels, 7’, 8’ optional.

Face recognition quick through gate

1. Integrated new generation two-in-one card reader and QR code scanning module, support face recognition 1:1/1: N verification, IC/ID card and QR code recognition function; implements the face anti-counterfeiting function wide dynamic binocular camera fusion advanced algorithm;

2, non-inductive high-efficiency two-way identification, using ≥ 24 pairs infrared radiation sensor, real-time monitoring of the speed gate channel to achieve anti-tailing function.

Face recognition precision marketing advertising system

Set face recognition, remote information release in one, identify faces quickly, push advertisements accurately,scene strategy play, ad arrival rate statistic and focus on portraits of people, including gender, age, duration of attention, expressions, etc.