"Face recognition technology, technology changes life" Yusong Technology Escort the World Internet Conference


Fifth World Internet Conference


The 5th World Internet Conference, co-sponsored by the National Internet Information Office and the Zhejiang Provincial People's Government, was held in Wuzhen, Zhejiang from November 7th to 9th. The theme of the conference was Creating a Digital World of Mutual Trust and Co-governance Build a Community of Cyberspace Destiny togetherand invited more than 1,500 important guests around the world. There are five main themes discussed in this conference: innovation and development, universal security, openness, tolerance, better life and co-prosperity.


Internet conference admission


Yusong Technology's Face Recognition Technology, Technology Change Lifeshines in this conference. As the personnel access management and security provider of this event, we provided multiple sets of face recognition intelligent access control devices. It fully fits the Internet "intelligent future" concept, as technology changes life is the unremitting pursuit of Yusong .


At this Internet conference, Yusong Technology provides intelligent face recognition gates that are convenient, safe, clean, intelligent, anti-counterfeiting, high-end and integrated. It can effectively perform biometric recognition, collect face images, face positioning, and face recognition preprocessing, identity verification and identity search, etc., also equipped with fast response, convenience, non-intrusive, anti-counterfeiting, fraud prevention, accurate, intuitive, and no human intervention features. It is widely used in smart communities, commercial areas, security, Government, enterprises, schools and other important places.


Yusong face recognition system at internet conference enter access


The most intelligent experience: 

1. Compatibility: It can be compatible with the traditional access control and road gate of the old community. 


2. Flexibility: can be connected to various security cameras in the community as a face acquisition port, fast capture and comparison. 


3. Easy management: management platform can establish a complete black and white list, reject and danger. 


4. Comprehensive strength: soft, hardware independent research and development, design, manufacturer, strong comprehensive strength allows you no worry.


 With the continuous development of the Internet, Yusong is constantly following the pace of the development of the world's major trends, constantly providing a higher level of smart services / face recognition technology, to propose more possibilities of smart life.


 Yusong, focus on technology, intelligent operation, serve people.